Alexander Raphael Neild

Alexander Raphael Neild Graduated High School in 2008 from Westford Academy

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Alexander Raphael Neild then studied Political Science at Fitchburg State University and graduated in 2012. After college, Alexander Raphael Neild went to work at Anderson Merchandisers as a territory sales rep. Anderson Merchandisers is the largest distributor of CD’s DVDs and BOOKs for Walmart. Alexander Raphael Neild joined Fourstar Group in 2013 as Account Executive working in the import and retail industry

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Alexander Raphael Neild work duties include Procurement, Pricing Strategy and Product development. Alexander Raphael Neild enjoys International Travel extensively.

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Alexander Raphael Neild
January 12, 2021

Alexander Raphael Neild Believes We’ll See These Developments When Global Travel Picks Up in 2021

Many global travelers suffered a quite literally “grounded” year in 2021 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many countries to shut their borders. With vaccines rolling out, however, many believe that worldwide travel will resume at some point in 2021. Alexander Raphael Neild, a frequent world-wide traveler, believes we’ll see several important developments this […]

Alexander Raphael Neild
December 23, 2020

Alexander Raphael Neild Discusses How the Pandemic is Impacting Basketball

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world. Global travel has shut down, countless regions have gone through lock downs, and non-essential industries have, at times, been forced to halt operations. Basketball has become a sort of bell weather for COVID-19, illustrating how the pandemic impacts industries, and what the future might hold. Alexander Raphael Neild […]

Alexander Raphael Neild -Current options for International Travel
November 10, 2020

Alexander Raphael Neild; Current Options for International Travel

International Traveler Alexander Raphael Neild Talks About Destinations St. Petersburg, FL – Alexander Raphael Neild travels annually to far-flung destinations, but like many individuals, had to scale back his traveling in 2020 due to the pandemic. Many countries have lifted their travel bans, inviting international travelers back into their borders. Just because a country has […]

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