Alexander Raphael Neild Believes We’ll See These Developments When Global Travel Picks Up in 2021

Alexander Raphael Neild

January 12, 2021

Alexander Raphael Neild

Many global travelers suffered a quite literally “grounded” year in 2021 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many countries to shut their borders. With vaccines rolling out, however, many believe that worldwide travel will resume at some point in 2021. Alexander Raphael Neild, a frequent world-wide traveler, believes we’ll see several important developments this year.

“The biggest thing will be a simple fact that global travel will resume, so long as the vaccines prove effective and enough people are vaccinated,” Alexander Raphael Neild says. “This is going to set off a domino effect, leading to many important developments in the worldwide travel industry.”

Before looking too far ahead, however, Alexander Raphael Neild says proof of vaccination will be important for many people looking to travel across borders.

“2021 may be the year where we see a vaccine passport,” Alexander Raphael Neild argues. “Many countries will probably require proof that you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. You’ll probably need proof that you’re COVID-free as well.”

Those who don’t get vaccinated may find their travel options limited. Even if countries don’t require proof of vaccination, specific venues, hotels, and the like may require them.

“There has been talking of requiring proof of vaccination to enter movie theaters and other places,” he says. “It wouldn’t surprise me if travelers must present proof of vaccination to enter specific sites.”

Alexander Raphael Neild Believes That Great Travel Deals Will Be Available to Those Who Look

So what might happen once global travel resumes? With the industry shut down for so long,  Neild believes that there will be more travel deals and sales, especially for those willing to do their research.

“It might take a bit of hunting,” Alexander Raphael Neild says, “but I think there will be a lot of good travel deals in 2021 and 2022. Travel will probably pick up slowly, so there may be excess supply in many tourist locations. You may find off-peak pricing during the summer, for example. That said, the best deals may require a bit more research than usual.”

Want to find the best deals? Alexander Raphael Neild believes smaller operators may offer better deals than big chains and brands.

“A lot of people renting out extra rooms and spare apartments on Airbnb may offer great prices as travel picks up. Low key, less well-known Bed and Breakfast setups and other smaller businesses may also be generous with their offerings,” he says.

Either way, Alexander Raphael Neild believes one big business sector will be especially cheap for the next year or two.

“The cruise industry has been crushed by COVID-19,” he says. “I suspect the industry to face strong headwinds for at least a year or two. Many travelers may worry about outbreaks on ships, but with vaccinations and super stringent sanitation, I believe that properly managed cruise ships will be as safe as other popular destinations. Steep cruise discounts may become common.”